Black Jewish Perfection Polo  250 gr.

Black Jewish Perfection Polo 250 gr.

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Black Jewish Seeds Perfection Polo


Common Name: Jewish Perfection
Scientific name: Phaseolus vulgaris.
Family: Fabaceae.
Type: Horticultural.
Origin: Mexico, Peru and Central America.
Description: Variety of high kills half cycle. Moderate sized plant. Pods round / oval section 17 cm in length, wireless.
Grain white.
Vigorous growth. Annual.
Preferably greenhouse cultivation, although it adapts well outdoors.
Resistant to common mosaic virus in bean.
Resistance: It is frost.
Planting season: May to September.
Drill Mode: direct frame 80x40 cm planting. separation between plants, putting 3-4 seeds per hole.
Planting depth: 4 cm.
Harvesting: From July to November.
Care: It is perfectly suited to any climate, but prefers warm areas.
It is advisable to use a tutor to guide its growth.
Soil Type: Light, well drained and rich in nutrients. No salt.
Light: Full sun.
Watering: Moderate.
Curiosities: Beans, Fabas, are the edible seeds of this plant.

The pods are definitely curdle when lignifican seeds.
The pods remain tender until an advanced stage of maturity, the walls are reinforced with fibrous tissues and seeds harden, so stop being edible as vegetables, seeds passing eaten as a vegetable. In the latter case were air dried to remove mature seed pods.

Dry can be stored for a long time, always away from moisture and in sealed containers.


Consumed worldwide and cultivated since antiquity, it is considered essential food in the gastronomic culture from many countries.