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Royal Grass Seda is a conbinación four shades of green and brown natural-looking 30 mm high and Mediterranean appearance, Royal Grass Seda is recommended to be installed on any type of garden.

Soft underfoot
Royal Grass Silk is a carpet of grass 30 mm high. The fibers are soft and flexible. This herb is ideal if your goal is to achieve a natural look in your garden, as freshly mown. Our artificial turf invites to walk barefoot on it. This model, like all other types of grass we offer, has the sole and single fiber backbone V with Mint and technology. The technology that has been copied from natural grass, ensures that the fibers have a dull hue, color and silky to stay upright. So, your lawn will be smooth and sturdy beneath her bare feet!

Key features
- Value / unbeatable price
- Well suited for children and pets
- Mediterranean Tonality
- Form Natural fiber V
- 30 mm height
- Technology MiNT
Its natural look and feel
The unique feature of Royal Grass is how V of our fiber. This form (which has been patented) makes up the fiber and also stay upright for longer than other fibers market. Our artificial grass fibers, such as natural grass, have small nerves to minimize bending and imitating natural grass.