White clover (HUIA) 250 gr.

White clover (HUIA) 250 gr.

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White clover (HUIA)


Repens White clover dwarf HUIA sheet is a variety of medium size.

Shallow roots and stolons that start from the leaf axils and are rooted.

Glabrous, margin asserado.

Flower white or pinkish white.


Growth and adaptation:

Perennial species.

Moderately aggressive plant, slow setting, but colonization of space quickly.

It grows all year, despite their higher forage production are located in late spring and early summer.

Optimum temperature: 20-25 ° C. Above 30 ° C the plant blooms constantly and produces very little.

Adapted to a wide range of you usually, but grows less vigorously in acid soils, poorly drained or shallow.

Tolerates moderate drought. No Toleda heat.

No support salinity.

No longer supports puddles.


Crop management:

Sow at 10-12 mm depth of finely ground cooked, but firm, in the spring or late summer.

slow establishment

Seeding: 2-5 kg / ha.

Given its nutritional characteristics, is used for pasture establishment in mixture.

Supported, in mixtures with grasses less aggressive.

Cutting height from 20 mm