Mosquito larvicidal 2x20 gr.

Mosquito larvicidal 2x20 gr.

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Mosquito larvicidal 2x20 gr.




The Mosquito larvicide is an insecticide effervescent tablets ready for use used to control mosquito larvae in their breeding site ( wells, water puddles , pools and water treatment plants in urban and rural areas , ponds , ponds , fountains, sinks , etc.). . The Mosquito larvicide belongs to the class of insecticides known as insect growth regulators , so the product interrupts the process of mutation of the larva .


The effervescent formulation is intended to be used in places where usually there is standing water where mosquito larvae develop alone .




 Device TB2 - effervescent tablets - 2 % diflubenzuron


No registration D.G.S.P : 02 30 02 695 .




 The effervescent tablet allows uniform spreading of the active ingredient throughout the volume of water .


Direct application in ponds, fountains, sinks , etc. . or dissolved in water.


Effective with the most common mosquito species .


Controlling adult mosquitoes before they appear


Acts in the water, where mosquitoes spend 80% of their life cycle.


Treatment / Dose


Water polluted organic - 1 tablet / 40 water

Dirty Water - 1 tablet / 4,000 water

Clean water - 1 tablet / 8,000 water



Presentation / Size


20x2g effervescent tablet



The poisoning may occur

Irritation of the eyes, skin, mucous membranes, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal ships , vomiting and diarrhea. Irritation of the urinary tract . Methemoglobinemia .


In case of poisoning Call the National Toxicology :

 telf.915 -62-04-20 ..