Electric mosquito diffuser 33 ml .

Electric mosquito diffuser 33 ml .

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Electric mosquito diffuser 33 ml .


Electric mosquito Bayer Garden diffuser protects your home against flies and mosquitoes even with the lights on and the windows open. Avoid placing the diffuser plug exposed to sunlight . Place the parts in the diffuser always keeping upright and not to cover the center hole of the device. Remove the diffuser outlet whenever not in use . At the end of the period of use of the diffuser remove the parts for later use . Use only the A- niquil Bayer Garden mosquito parts .


How to use

 1 - Uncover the refill bottle .

2 - Fix the parts in the rotating diffuser gently until it stops.

3 - Make sure the bottle is upright.

4 - Connect the device to the mains by turning if necessary , plug to match the plug. ara replace parts, unplug the appliance and turn hard in the opposite direction to clockwise . Working 6 hours a day every recharge is sufficient to protect a room of 10 m2 for 45 days.



3.67% d - allethrin .

Aliphatic solvents and excipients scp.100 %

Registration No. D.G.S.P. 08-30-02957 .