Trampa hormigas gel

Trampa hormigas gel

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Ant gel Trap


The ant trap Bayer Garden effectively controls ants and ant thanks to ultra-concentrated gel very attractive to ants, which fall into the trap, I caught the bait and introduced into the product by spreading ant galleries. The mounds are eradicated 1-2 weeks after placement of the traps.



Imidacoprid 0.031%, bitter flavor substance 0.01%

Registration No. 10-30-05872



2 traps 2 gr.


Thumbnail traps

- Press the center of the trap to break the capsule containing the product.

- Place traps near anthills or places of passage of ants.

- The included adhesive strips for fixing the traps even upright.

- In case of massive presence of ants, place multiple traps in trails up to 4 per mound.

- Replace traps at 4 week.

- Protect the rain traps.