Anti bait ants 200 gr.

Anti bait ants 200 gr.

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Anti bait ants 200 gr.



Bait granules especially attractive to ants , which introduced into the product by spreading ant galleries . The mounds are eradicated within 1-2 weeks of the application.



GR- granulated Baythion

substance imidacloprid 0.05 % 0.01 % bitter Excipients 100%



Application and dosage :

Apply outdoors ( decks , roads, etc. . ) .

Distribute around anthills or places of passage of ants (2-8 g per mound ) .

In case of rain during the first 24 hours after application , retreatment.

In case of complete consumption of the product must also reapply in the next 24 hours .



Do not apply to food or utensils. May not be applied on surfaces are handled, prepared or have served or consumed foods.

Do not use in the presence of people and / or pets.

Do not mix with other chemicals.

Avoid contact with treated surfaces .