Pepper Pairal Reus  3gr.

Pepper Pairal Reus 3gr.

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Pepper Seeds Pairal Reus 

Common Name: Long Pepper Reus.
Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum.
Family: Solanaceae.
Type: Horticultural.
Origin: South America.
Description: Variety vigorous plants generated 50/60 cm. high, with plenty of bright green foliage.
It produces numerous fruits of 18-20 cm. long, with 3 or 4 helmets, thick wall and surface winding, compact and sweet flesh.
Dark red flesh and very sweet flavor when ripe.
It is a perennial, but usually grown as an annual.
Resistance: No resists the intense cold and frost, as well as temperatures above 30 ° C.
Very suitable for greenhouse cultivation.
Planting season: December to April.
Method of sowing: Prior to planting it is advisable to soak the seeds in water for 10 hours to encourage sprouts.
Sow seed or protected position, 1 cm. deep.
Transplanting 5-6 leaves and 15 cm high, a planting of 70x40 cm.
Harvesting: From July to November.
Care: They require warm climates.
Type of soil: Moist and fluffy, well drained and rich in nutrients.
Light: Full sun.
Watering: Abundant.
Curiosities: The peppers have a high content of vitamin