Green Chard White Penca wide Blanver 10 gr.

Green Chard White Penca wide Blanver 10 gr.

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Green Chard Seeds White Penca wide Blanver

 Planting time: direct sowing in Mediterranean climate is performed from March to September, and continental weather in March and from June to September. 

Seed planting can be done from March to September.
Planting depth: put 3-4 seeds in each hole at 1-2 cm depth.
Marco culture: 20 cm between plants and 50 cm between rows.
Sun Exposure: needs light but tolerates shade.
Watering: frequent and in small quantities.
Collection: Mediterranean climate on the greens are harvested from July to December and harvested continental climate July to April. It is advisable to go collecting often first cutting the outer leaves, leaving the center grow.