Onion Galaxy 1 gr.

Onion Galaxy 1 gr.

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Onion seeds Galaxy (HYBRID)

Short-day onion, very early cycle, being planted in September can be harvested in the first half of April with three weeks early on Amonquelina variety.

Bulbs with outer skins of yellow color, round conical.

Range linking his great precocity good conservation capacity by the consistency of the flesh of his robes.

Sow in seed. Sow the seeds 1 cm deep.

Transplant: When the seedlings measured about 10 cm; about 15 cm of separation between plants and 40 cm between them.

Collection: Variety of very early cycle. Being planted in September, you can harvest chives tender bulbs in March and in May. Conservation capacity bulb about 90 days.

Contains: 1 gr.