Dwarf Capuchine varied 10 gr.

Dwarf Capuchine varied 10 gr.

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Dwarf Capuchine seeds varied


Common name: Nasturtium dwarf variety.

Scientific name: Tropaeolum majus nanum.

Family: Tropaeolaceae.

Type: Annual.

Origin: South America.

Description: Herbaceous annual with fleshy glaucous green leaves. Simple flowers. Very fast and small growth that produces a beautiful effect in embroideries, solid and moldings, with a variety of colors: scarlet orange, and yellow.

Height of about 35 cm. Not climber.

Flowering: All year.

Resistance: Sensitive aphid and caterpillars. In this case spray insecticide containing pyrethrins.

Planting time: Spring and autumn.

Method of sowing: Cover the seed with about 2 cm of soil. In Spring or Summer: Till field or container. If planting is late winter, use protected seed and then transplanted into individual pots to place the outside mid Spring. The separation framework of adult plants is about 25 cm.

Care: Suitable for mild climates.

Soil Type: Normal, rich and permeable.

Light: Full sun and partial shade.

Watering: Scarce.