Giant red carnation 0.8 gr

Giant red carnation 0.8 gr

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Seed giant red carnation


Common Name: Improved red giant Carnation: 

Scientific name: Dianthus caryophyllus red.

Family: Caryophyllaceae.

Type: Perennial / Vivaz.

Origin: Mediterranean Regions.

Description: Plant grayish green leaves and spectacular flowers.

Numerous stems tufted, with linear leaves and flowers in stalked panicle of a very bright red.

They have a characteristic pleasant aroma.

Usually reaches about 50 cm. height.

Perfect for growing in pots and planters. Its flowers are ideal for making bouquets for strength and endurance to court.

Flowering: Spring, summer and autumn .

Resistance: Very resistant to even the pollution of our cities.

Tolerate frost.

Planting season: Summer and autumn.

Method of sowing: sowing in seedbed or container covered with plastic covers seed with just 1 cm. ground. Keep moist and in a shady place, at a constant temperature of about 13 degrees. Once germinate, provide more light there. When they reach a height of about 8 cm., Transplanted to its final position, maintaining a framework of separation between plants, about 20 cm.

The ideal diameter of the pots to which transplantation is 8 cm.

Care: Easy to grow. A good mix of compost is as follows: Two measures of black soil, a peat, other mulch and sand. It should add some limestone to get a good result. Renew the top layer of compost each year.

After flowering is desirable to completely prune the stems to promote the quality of post-bloom.

Fertilize lightly in the spring and summer, without excess.

Soil type: well drained Calizo. It is advisable to place a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the pot.

Light: Full sun and partial shade. Sun flower more abundantly.

Watering: Moderate. Supports droughts.