Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds (ecological) 2.5 gr.

Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds (ecological) 2.5 gr.

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Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds (ecological)


Common name: Watermelon Crimson Sweet Biological, Water melon.

Scientific name: Citrullus lanatus.

Family: Cucurbitaceae.

Type: Horticultural.

Origin: Africa.

Description: Variety of medium and highly clustered production cycle.

Monoecious flowering type.

Fruit round, slightly elongated, good size (8-10 kg), light green skin with dark veining.

Flesh deep red color and good flavor.

It is an annual herbaceous creeping and climbing note.

Resistance: No resists the intense cold or frost.

Sowing: February to June.

Method of sowing: Sowing in the nursery, ensuring a temperature of 20/25 º C. Transplant to 30 days to final position, frame with plant spacing of 120x120 cm.

Harvesting: From June to October. Between 11/14 weeks after sowing.

The ripe fruit produces a hollow sound when tapped with fingers.

Care: Keep the soil free of weeds.

Soil Type: Soil nutrient rich and well drained.

Light: Full sun.

Watering: Abundant. Planting in furrows to direct irrigation.

Trivia: The watermelon has a high water content so it is very refreshing, also contains few calories.