Parsley 2 common foil 5 gr.

Parsley 2 common foil 5 gr.

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Seeds Parsley 2 common foil (ecological)



Common Name: Parsley, Parsley flat leaf parsley common.

Scientific name: Petroselinum crispum Petroselinum hortense--

Family: Umbelliferae.

Type: Aromatic annual.

Origin: Mediterranean Area.

Description: Variety of vigorous and erect stems bearing. Leaves dark green, broad, with serrated edges and smooth surface.

Stem height: 20 to 70 cm.

Quick and great production regrowth. It can be grown as a biennial.

Plant and very aromatic seeds.

Suitable for growing in pots and containers.

Resistance: Resistant to cold. Fits any type of weather.

Flowering: Summer (second year)

Planting season: All year.

Method of sowing: In field seat. A broadcast or drilled, after soaking the seed for 24 hors, and burying it very slightly (1 cm.)

The plant spacing frame is 30x7 cm.

Harvesting: All year. The cut stems resprout quickly.

Care: Easy to grow. Requires payment of balance.

Soil Type: Light and moist.

Light: Semi-shade. Requires at least two hours of sun a day.

Watering: Moderate but steady.

Trivia: The most known and cultivated aromatic plant worldwide.

Aromatic and seasoning first order.

It used since ancient times, is the companion of countless recipes giving them a unique touch of flavor.

Widely used as a final embellishment in the composition of dishes.

It has tonic and hypotensive medicinal properties. Softens breath and aids digestion.

Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D.