Henhouse mod.Lyon

Henhouse mod.Lyon

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Henhouse mod.Lyon

Prefabricated henhouse organic spruce wood treated for outdoor mesh galvanized metal.

Includes 2 pen innkeeper and nest inside hangers for the rest of the birds. Gateway has both inside the nest as the park, which facilitates the cleaning of the coop. The roof of the nest and the park has a green waterproof coating. Handle and latch to open the door from outside.

Henhouse: length 1495 mm DEPTH 755 mm, height 1040 mm.
Nest: length 410 mm DEPTH 570 mm and height 400 mm.
Totals: length 1905 mm, height 1040 mm DEPTH 755 mm.

Safety packing: length 1535 mm, width 1035 mm and height 163 mm.

More information:
Includes folding roof completely.
Capacity for 4-5 hens.
Instructions and mounting screws included.