Fast Araldit

Fast Araldit

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Fast Araldit


Araldit Fast epoxy adhesive is a two component , a resin and a hardener , reacting mixing . With a tightening short , making it ideal for fast connections .
In addition to filling all types of cavities existing between the two surfaces join . Join practically all materials except polyethylene, polypropylene , PTFE and silicone .
Withstands temperatures from -60 ° C to +65 ° C, tensile forces of up 320kg/cm2 , most organic and inorganic solvents , as well as shock and vibration .


1 . The bonding surfaces must be clean of grease, dust or dirt and dry.

2 . Deposited on a plate mixing equal amounts of each component A and B. Close the two tubes watching not reverse color caps . The format syringe by pressing the plunger ensures accurate dosing of one to two components.

3 . Mix well with both components spatula until a homogeneous mixture . This mixture should be used before 5 minutes.

4 . Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the two surfaces together and .

5 . Maintain firm contact the pieces together for at least 1 hour.


     Suitable in: Metals and their alloys , decoration materials , construction materials , marble, natural stone, ceramic products , glass and crystal , wood and its derivatives , polystyrene , thermosetting plastics , leather and leather
     Fail on : polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE .


     Structural joints and high strength , jewelry , appliances , engines and machinery, sports equipment , repair parts boats, electronic boards , models, DIY.

Amount of content: 5 +5 ml.