Universal Instant Adhesive

Universal Instant Adhesive

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Universal Instant Adhesive




Superceys Universal Instant Glue is an instant adhesive , transparent, high strength and easy application , ideal for fast work .


1 drop in 3 seconds and paste ! Very versatile .


Join practically admitting all material combinations between them .





     Suitable on : porcelain , plastic, metal , rubber , marble, wood, glass , leather, cardboard and paper


     Fail on : polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE .




1 . Clean and dry joining surfaces well .


2. Opening. In tubes 3g , screw the tube thoroughly upright to break the metallic membrane .


3 . Apply a drop of SUPERCEYS Instant Glue on one of the surfaces to be joined .


4 . Join the pieces together , avoiding all contact with the fingers and pressing for a few seconds .


5 . To clean the tube , Help yourself to a cloth or absorbent paper impregnated CEYS cleaner instant adhesive .


6 . Close the container well .



What to do if you stick your fingers ? :


- Apply CEYS Instant Adhesive Cleaner or acetone with the help of a cotton swab around the affected area. Once detached , hot wash with water and soap.


Amount of content: 3 grams.