Porro Carentan 2 (2 gr.)

Porro Carentan 2 (2 gr.)

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Carentan Leek Seeds 2 (eco)


Common Name: Leek Caretan Biological

Scientific name: Allium ampeloprasum var. Porrum. Allium porrum

Family: Amaryllidaceae.

Type: Horticultural. Biological

Origin: Europe and Western Asia.

Description: Variety of half cycle. The leaves are dark green, long and average width, and open shape.

Very thick and long shaft.

Resistance: Resistant to cold.

Sowing: February to June.

Method of sowing: 40 cm In equidistant lines. each other, burying the seed one 0.5 cm. Stepwise thinning, finally leaving one plant every 10 cm.

Transplant when seedlings are the diameter of a pencil. Pruning 1/3 of the roots and leaves.

Harvesting: From July to December.

Care: For white stems, previously takes earthing-up (cover the base of leeks with soil to prevent the sun's rays) about 15 or 20 days before harvest.

Soil Type: Deep, rich and fresh.

Light: Full sun and partial shade.

Watering: Abundant.